Holiday and fishing

We advice you to come to Vilkovo if you are fond of:

  • “Wild” fishing and fascinating fishing on predatory fish all year round;
  • Fascinating fishing on predatory fish all year round; More
  • Excellent hunting for waterfowl (during hunting season); More
  • Walks across Danube — it will be very interesting for you to go to the “Zero” kilometer of Danube;
  • Tours to Old Believer church, local history place, fishing place, beach, and other different special tours according to your wish and taste;

We advise to gourmets to try the Danube herring. May be you have heard about an unusual Danube herring. But even Ukrainians eat it not often, and for the western Europeans it is really an unprecedented delicacy. Many people like this fish. The taste of this local herring is matchless, it really tasty no matter the way it was cooked. The main difference this kind of herring from other kinds is an unusual juiciness and fat content.

As soon as you have decided to go fishing or hunting ,to the excursion about this unusual small town or just relax with family or friends from the city bustle, please call us any time +380 (93) 187-02-28 or send email: We will reserve you the nesessory cottage for you, and we will meet you near the entrance to Vilkovo, we also will help you to organize hunting or “wild” fishing on the islands.

We will try to fulfill all your wishes, so the pleasant memories about the rest here will be left in your memory for a long time.

The price for the cottage is from 2600 UAH per day. You are able to get all the information, please call +380 (93) 187-02-28.

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